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Research and innovation with storytelling at the heart

“Humans think in stories rather than facts, numbers or equations, and the simpler the story, the better.”

– Yuval Harari

We are an innovation consultancy.

We enable your research to succeed by fostering curiosity, creativity and research excellence through all of our work.

Over £35m unlocked since 2020

Our approach



Bring clarity to your vision

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Unlock opportunities and catalyse partnerships



Create a clear evidence base



Craft your narrative to unlock funding or other deliverables

The right ingredients

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Remove funding barriers

We source and scope opportunities that are the best fit for your business, no matter what size.

ESG prioritised

We prioritise projects that are green and equitable, accelerating products that will deliver our future economy.

Exceed expectations

We help you to realise your ambitions and exceed them.

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Achieving your targets with a planned and sustained strategy

Fundraising is an art of narrative. Telling a compelling story, building a case for support, projecting future success and understanding the policy context you are operating in. We have successfully raised millions in equity-free funding for our clients.


Delivering evidence-based research and data analysis

Research is central to everything we do. Whether that's technical writing, communications or facilitation and mentoring. Our experience spans commercial forecasting, resource and energy efficiency calculations and ESG impact analysis.


Market development and operations support to grow your enterprise

Growth isn't a straight line. We help organisations plan for the best and prepare for the worst in their business. Whether that's preparing a healthy financial pipeline, developing a technical roadmap or organising their team.

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Experts in ESG and how it can accelerate your business growth

Change needs to be measurable. We support organisations to identify, quantify and manage risk associated with ESG in their business.

The P Project

Our first in-house innovation is a novel natural fertiliser made from urine. The common elements that are synthetically created for industrial fertilisers – nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – occur naturally in the human body and are retained in our own waste.

Global application of synthetic fertilisers is problematic and unsustainable. We are focused on building a scalable alternative using an abundant waste-stream as our primary input.

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